Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday House Boutique!!

The Holiday House Boutique is finally here! I have prepped for this for months now and it is finally here and I think I am going to go crazy with all the last minute preparations that have to be done!!

This Boutique will be worth coming to for sure! It is one of the biggest well known boutiques in the Boise area! These gals with Holiday House have selected some great vendors this year and have put together some fun things to be sold at the boutique this year!!

I am sooo excited to put my Stitches Products into a real boutique! I was chosen to sell the following products at this boutique: BABY LEGS, HAIR BOWS and FABRIC HAIR PIECES, TIES, DIAPER CLUTCHES, and PACI CLIPS!

Go check out their site at for more info and location and times!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Calling all BSU FANS!!

Hey BRONCO NATION!! BSU is our local football team so when your at the BIG GAME have your little one all fancied up with one of our unique handmade BSU FAN BOWS!

Here is a look at just a couple of our custom BSU bows!! Hope you enjoy!
*These two have already been sold- but I do custom orders! I can do the same exact ones as shown above, or I can do something totally different! I have way more ribbon ready to be put into action so just let me know! THANKS!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just wanted to show you all more of our Halloween Bows in our BOWtique shop!! These are perfect for your little gal for the BIG Halloween day coming right up!!

Click here to order on my Etsy Shop or contact me for questions or if you want a custom bow made- I can do pretty much anything! Thanks for looking and enjoy the eye candy!!
Above is a 2 layered ribbon polka dot BOWtique hair bow! It is up on my etsy shop HERE.

Above is a large one ribbon green polka dot hair bow! Super cute! In the Etsy shop as well here!

These are super cute and small polka dot black and white mismatching bows! Also HERE!

These silk circle hair clips above are a great way for your teen in your home or yourself or your fancy 4 year old-who is going on 21- to get all dolled up! I can pretty much make these in any color! I love the look of these and they are very versatile! This one above has already been sold, but I still have more of the same fabric and can whip it out super quick!

This one is another cute large BOWtique bow layered with three different ribbon also available at my etsy shop HERE!

Thanks for looking and hope I can help you have a WONDERFUL HALLOWEEN COMING UP!!!

****Stay tuned for our Christmas products! Christmas will be here before we know it! Crazy is all I say- crazy!!

More from our Halloween Shop!!

HEY there! Please check out our SUPER FUN HALLOWEEN SHOP HERE!!! You will not be disappointed with any of these items!! I can also do SAME DAY SHIPPING considering Halloween is right around the corner!!! Yippee!! Look below to find Halloween pillowcases, Halloween hair bows, and Halloween Skirts!! Thanks for looking and don't forget to tell your friends!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Yo, Yo" Fabric Hair Pieces

I absolutely love this type of Hair Piece. Our Yo, Yo hair piece is a beautiful way to spice up any outfit for you or your little ones!
You can see that this specific one is attached to an alligator clip. I also like to attach the pieces to barrets, or elastic. I add elastic so you can slide the hair piece onto any headband you wish!
Here is another Yo, Yo Fabric Hair Piece with a button for the center, attached to an alligator clip.

***You can contact me to purchase these above or go to my ETSY shop HERE!

I also make other styles of hair pieces pictured below. These have been sold already, but I can make these same types or something a little different if desired! Please contact me for inquiries.

Below are Two Yo, Yo Hair Pieces
Here is our Lime Green Silk Circle Hair Piece with Pearl Center

Here is a different colored Circle Hair Piece. This Navy blue Circle Silk Hair Piece with 3 Jewels for the center. Please contact me for info and prices! Thanks

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Leg Warmers (a.k.a. Baby Legs)

Here are a few of our Baby Leg Warmers (a.k.a. Baby Legs)! These are a great way to keep your babies knees and legs protected from the floor as they learn to crawl around! They make great gifts. They are also a cute, trendy way to liven up your family pictures for the holiday's just around the corner. They are perfect for the fall time already upon us!

Here are a few colors to strike your fancy! You can purchase these through me directly or go HERE to my Etsy Shop! Thanks for looking!

1. Blue Argyle Baby Leg Warmers $6.25 (click on title to be directed to Etsy shop)

2. Pink, Red and Black Argyle Baby Leg Warmers $6.25
(click on title to be directed to Etsy shop to buy item.)

Black and Gray Striped Baby Leg Warmers $6.25 (click on title to be directed to Etsy shop to buy)

4. Black and Gray Argyle Baby Leg Warmers $6.25 (click on title to be directed to Etsy shop to buy)
*****I have tons more styles and colors just waiting to be sewn so please let me know what you are looking for and I can send pictures of what I have! Thanks!

Fun Aprons!

Here is a look just one kind of apron I can make for teens or moms! I made and sent this one to my sister for her birthday recently! It was so fun to make and exciting to give! I wanted to post this to show this one and say that I can make this pattern of apron in any color or style you wanted! I can also get these same exact fabrics again so if you just want it the same-then I can do that too!Isn't that fun???

I have a few other styles and patterns I have drawn up already and just dying to make!

*I also make and have a few patterns (full sized aprons) for kids that are waiting to be sewn and for teens!! Leave a comment or email me for details or questions!!!

F.Y.I. (An apron like this would be for sale for $30.)